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Jonas Criscoe

Artist Statement:

My work explores how our ever‐expanding consumer culture has shaped the environments and landscapes in which we live. Most recently, it has been inspired by the scenery in and around the Upstate of South Carolina—a landscape dotted with the deteriorating infrastructures of old mill villages, empty storefronts, and industries of days gone by. This setting includes the intense variety of color that engulf the mountains during autumn, the faded hues of old commercial signs, and the dark tones of dilapidated structures scattered along the back roads of the south. This is a place blanketed by invasive plants such as kudzu and Japanese honeysuckle, which feverishly grow wherever they wish. Enveloping everything in their path with an impenetrable blanket of green. The densely layered compositions and aged surfaces that are characteristic of my work are a reflection of my desire to emulate these settings, and to convey through the patina of wear and exposure the ephemeral nature of life. They are my interpretations of an oxymoron— a beautiful detritus.



Jonas Criscoe is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the United States, notably the Texas Biennial and the International Print Center in New York. Criscoe has also been featured in various art publications, Including Art Lies and New American Painting: The Western Edition and most

recently was a West Prize Acquisition finalist. A native of Austin, Texas, he received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and the University of Texas at Austin, and his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008.

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