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While Gallery Gray has organized physical exhibitions the larger mission of the gallery is to create an elegant online platform for viewing contemporary artwork.


Gallery Gray is dedicated to curating and exhibiting the work of emerging and established artists, in an equitable and sustainable online context.   


Gallery Gray was created in 2009 by Dustin M. Price, MFA Curator/Director. Gallery Gray is an online gallery with an office based out of the Portland, OR area. Our goal is to have international online group and solo shows for emerging to mid career artists interested in utilizing a digital gallery format. Since 2009 Gallery Gray has had 44 exhibitions and over 128,000 online visitors from over 66 countries. 

We can all agree that viewing art is at its finest in the presence of the artwork itself.  Gallery Gray in no way wants to eliminate or discourage the tactile gallery or museum space experience, only accompany and encourage it. The digital format of Gallery Gray allows for a number of interesting opportunities that might not otherwise be currently available, especially during a global pandemic. . 

-Exhibiting art during a global pandemic holds a number of unique physical and ethical difficulties. With many gallery and museum spaces closed, the opportunity for traditional exhibitions have become increasingly limited and rightly so.


-Many artists may struggle with the concept of bringing large groups of individuals together for such an occasion during a pandemic. This is where Gallery Gray offers an ethical, unique and professional opportunity. 


-An ever increasing number of individuals are communicating, shopping, and reading online. Gallery Gray hopes to encourage such individuals to view art through a digital platform, as well.


-The ease of sending digital media increases the opportunity for artists to consider submitting work to be displayed to the public they might not otherwise.  


-The digital world is often one without borders, enabling the international aspect of Gallery Gray to be possible in its current phase. 


-Gallery Gray gives underrepresented artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a way that might be financially viable for the artist.

-The gallery is dedicated to equity and inclusion. We very much invite those with non-dominant identities and ideologies to apply for exhibition opportunities.


It is with these hopes and goals that we exist as a platform for the curating and exhibition of contemporary art.  


Gallery Gray,

Dustin M. Price, MFA, Curator

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