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John Chang 

Artist Statement:


My cultural identity, which was shaped in part by the period of time when I lived with my family in China in the 1980s, includes a deep sense of change. The nature of change as a way of being and living is at the forefront of my work. 


The theme of my project is the relationship between language and its environment, the role that language has played in the 21st century in the field of contemporary arts, and the effects, both positive and negative, that contemporary new media have brought with the changing times.


My project aims to express a period of experience, a segment of history, and a type of hope-from the sense of beauty in traditional writing to all the aesthetic pursuits and reflections of contemporary artists in this volatile time.


Inspired by selected, modern-day, Eastern and Western arts and artists, and representing multiple historical confrontations that I have undergone myself; I have examined the perplexity of diverse cultures and languages and produced works that communicate my newfound perceptions and creative experience.




Born and raised in Shanghai, China. John Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles City. John's works have been widely exhibited, including Kauffman Gallery at Shippensburg University, Porter Square Gallery at Art Institute of Boston, Communication Arts Gallery at University of Wisconsin Parkside, Dana Hall Gallery at Wellesley. Fresh Paint Art Gallery in Los Angeles, and Andrews Art Museum in North Carolina. Chang's work has been featured in various publications such as Pasadena Star news, KTLA.


John Chang is a recipient of The Artist-in-Residence grant from Vermont Studio Center.


John Chang holds an MFA in Visual from the Art Institute of Boston. He also earned a BA in Decorative Arts and Design from Shanghai Light Industry College.

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