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Rosalyn Richards

Artist Statement:


In recent prints and drawings I have been exploring the visual and metaphorical intensities of the natural world, and have continued to be influenced by scientific imagery from fields such as biology, geology, and particle physics.  I employ found imagery, and I often use multiple plates in printmaking.  I work in an improvisational manner with a tension that develops between appropriation and the inventive generation of marks, lines, and chance occurrences.  Through this process of editing and layering, I also explore a micro-macro dynamic in how the images suggest the natural world and its processes.


A large installation, Footprints, made from multiple 12” square ink drawings, was constructed from a process in which new images were generated from variations on previous images.  The drawings utilize repetition, accumulation, fragments of perception, memory, shifting scales, and cross-references.  The sequential readings lead viewers to reconsider how we see images in sections and the need to integrate or re-conceptualize how we perceive and take in information visually.  Although the piece suggests landscape due to the format and imagery, it is also intended to function metaphorically to suggest an inner world of mysterious forces and events, the beginning or ending of a process.  


In all of my work I strive to create an abstract vocabulary from the photographs and scientific diagrams that I have studied.  The transformation of these more rational elements into an expressive artistic language, gives rise to a more poetic, lyrical, and introspective quality.





Rosalyn Richards received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Yale University School of Art.  Her work is represented in many museum and university gallery collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Hood Museum of Dartmouth College, Yale University Art Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Ackland Art Museum of the University of North Carolina, the Samek Gallery of Bucknell University, Purdue University Galleries, and Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery, among others.  She has held artist residencies at numerous locations in the United States including Virginia Center for Creative Arts and Ragdale in Illinois.  She was a visiting artist and critic at Colby College, Cornell University, the University of Dallas and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin, China. 


Rosalyn Richards’s work has been included in numerous national and international exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Anchor Graphics in Chicago, Artemisia Gallery in Chicago, The Print Center in Philadelphia, Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York, and Village Gallery in Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi, India.  In 2009 her drawings were exhibited at The Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Tianjin, China where she was also a guest lecturer. Recently her prints were included in “Multiple Encounters Second Edition”, at The National Academy of Fine Art in New Delhi, India.  Richards is originally from California, and since 1982 she has taught drawing and printmaking at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

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