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Lauren McCleary

Artist Statement:

My work is a nod to the imagination, propaganda for wonder. People are consistently absent from my imagery, but the work speaks to our humanity. For thousands of years the land and the animals have been our greatest teachers. It is the silence of each that says so much.  The land constantly gifts visual surprises and stirs a curiosity that can’t be found within closed walls. Places I have seen, been, and imagined layer my mind.  The work is made to share with others these things in which I take delight.  I want the audience to recall a time when they looked at the world with wonder, I ask them to ponder the mystery of reality, hoping for it to sink in and stir.


Lauren grew up where the prairie hits the hills on the out-banks of Denver, Colorado. Creative from the get-go, she used her imagination to tend herds of horses, and play with packs of wolves. In the years she spent growing from small child to tall child she became fond of drawing, writing, and reading. Inspirations include chunks of shadows, standing at the base of a tall tree, holes in paper, maps, mammals, mountains, and birds to name a few. She relies on whimsy, works diligently, and trusts in chance.

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