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Karri Dieken

Artist Statement: 

Karri A. Dieken is a multimedia artist from the midwest. She grew up in the Black Hills and attended Black Hills State University where she graduated with a K-12 Art Education degree. She then went on to Washington State University where she developed her fascination with sculpture and objects within installations. She graduated from Washington State University with a MFA in printmaking, sculpture and photography. Her work is inspired by her childhood and growing up in South Dakota. Much of the work comes from stories she has recalled from her past and then altered to fit into a three dimensional space. The importance in the work lies in the handmade and use of traditional craft to produce the artwork.


Keep It Clean, Clippings, and Counting Sheep

from the series “I Don’t Remember”


This body of work contains true stories of life experiences. Many of the objects come from disparate aesthetic time periods, representing a memory of a reconstructed event that may or may not have been experienced. When possible, the actual objects have been replaced by surrogate objects in hopes of altering their true identity. Warning: The juxtaposition of these objects may elicit memories of your own. The installations consist of simulacrums domestic interiors. All of these pieces come from memories however factual and may cultivate similar responses from the viewer, although these will not be the same. Each installation reflects upon memory and a sense of nostalgia through a narrative and time, while still relating the work to contemporary culture and domestic space. I am in search for a common place between contemporary culture and the nostalgia for, or perceived innocence of the past through technology. Through these processes I am concerned with exploring the social relations and familiarity in domestic environments and past objects. The set or place I am creating is meant to be a place the viewer can relate to more as an illustration or narrative. The work addresses common issues of placement, self-awareness, use and loss of, emptiness and uncertainty. Along with the cultural and generation disconnect between objects we no longer use through the evolution of technology.

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