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Josh Ostraff

Artist Statement: 


One morning while brushing my own teeth, I heard other teeth brushing sounds. It hit me; my neighbor and I were staring at the same spot on the wall due to apartment plumbing. This started a three-year investigation and response through painting, drawing, and film to sounds thin walls are unable to contain. In the middle of this process I was affected by a neighbor’s dramatic removal from their apartment that was followed by silence. Sounds like that night are limited, can be amusing, often are an annoyance, sometimes are alarming, but they represent human qualities that have become valuable to me. 



Artist Biography:


Josh Ostraff was born in Seattle, Washington. He has lived and traveled around the world with his family and claims Utah his home. He received his MFA at the University of Minnesota and currently teaches at Brigham Young University in Utah. Josh practices painting, drawing, and filmmaking and has exhibited his work internationally and nationally. Recently his work was seen at the WPA’s Experimental Media Series in D.C. and will be featured in the Manifest Galleries 2013 INPA 3 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His plans are to continue developing both his teaching and art practices.

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