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Jillian Dickson (Ludwig) 

Artist Statement:



The series Fam Farm reflects the loss of natural farming within westernized culture. Genetic modification labeling, factory farming, as well as misguided packaging is generally confusing and creates a disconnection between the customer and the source of their food. In response, each drawing in this body of work describes animals which are regularly farmed by humans, to be wrapped in flowing pink ribbons and balloons. These synthetic pretty objects operate to suggest manipulative tactics within the packaging and labeling of food. Plucked and exposed areas of an animal, an over production or misuse of hair/wool, and the fistula (access into the stomach hole of a cow), are also points of reference to suggestion the influence of human behavior upon these animals. 


The short-lived and harsh existence of farmed animals is a sobering discussion. For that reason, the work is constructed in a non-threatening and often playful or humorous manner. The pastel colors, medium scale, and narrative appeal are tactics of gentle persuasion for the awareness of animal treatment and abundance of human consumption.





Jillian, originally from Darien, Illinois graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in 2005 from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Clemson University in SC, and received her master's of fine arts degree in 2007. During her time at Clemson she taught figure drawing during the academic year, and spent her summers juggling between artist residencies and teaching at various art camps. 


In 2008 Jillian moved to Austin, Texas where she was an adjunct instructor at Baylor University, Texas State University and the Art Institute of Austin. Believing she had been well introduced to private and public universities as well as the art institutes, Jillian decided to move to Lyon, France for a year to build her studio practice. Along with making work in her tiny studio apartment, she traveled, mostly throughout western Europe, and ate every local pastry possible.


Jillian's work has been exhibited and published internationally. Recently she has exhibited at the Manifest drawing gallery in Cincinnati Ohio, as well as the Black Walnut Gallery and Anode Gallery in Chicago, IL. Her work is represented by Swarm Gallery in Oakland California. This March she will participate in Drawing Now: Paris held at the Louvre Museum. 


Jillian is temporarily living in Lafayette Indiana where she continues to make work and teaches at Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI).

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