George T. Gregory Jr.

Artist Statement: 


 Once upon a time, there was a little boy named George. He loved to spend weekends at his grandparents’ house. His Granny taught him how to make Christmas ornaments out of felt. They would decorate them with beads, sequins and buttons. They spent many hours at the dining room table talking and laughing together. Granny taught little Georgie how to latch hook. A person could buy different kits in a variety of patterns. He chose to make one with a panda bear pattern and one with a butterfly pattern. When George finished his rugs, his Granny crocheted a back for them and turned them into pillows. They were displayed prominently on her couch, and George was so proud. He made sure that all visitors were made aware of his creations.


I draw upon personal narratives from my childhood, adolescence and adulthood as inspiration. I pay homage to my Granny by incorporating the same materials we used together when I was a child. I have embraced materials that are considered part of the arts and crafts world. While I honor the memory of my grandmother, I also use imagery not usually associated with craft.


I often deal with tensions between masculine and feminine, hard and soft. My material choices demonstrate this. I use mediums that are commonly considered feminine such as latch hook, felt, and sequins. I often combine these soft materials with wood or other construction supplies that are associated with masculinity. With a desire to camouflage, I often crop and/or enlarge my source images while creating my work. Often, the subject matter is right in front of you, hiding in plain sight. 


Artist Biography:


George T. Gregory Jr. was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture with a minor in printmaking, magna cum laude, from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Gregory resides in Columbus, Ohio. He received his Mater of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University, and is currently a lecturer in their Art department. He has exhibited his work throughout the east coast and has received several awards including the Charles Renick Award of Excellence, which was awarded to him by Virginia Commonwealth University.

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